Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Review

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Review

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – The Review

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery provides great file-recovery rates for various documents such as lost documents, images, and sensibly appropriate rates for the lost media. It also has different networking features so you can use it with other PC’s in your network.

In fact, This Mac hard disk recovery software is really accessible to use, predominantly the recovery method.

What is Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery?

The Mac Data Recovery version produced by the Stellar Phoenix performed great when recovering lost images, with an impeccable score in both settings. Photos are easiest to recuperate, so all the claims on the list did well, with at least an average score of 98%, but even a 2% variance in retrieval can translate into hundreds of photos if your drive is too huge and occupied.

It performed very fast, especially when recovering audio and video files, returning at least 83% of those lost one due to omission, and 85% of those lost by reformatting. The usual across all programs operate far less: 72% and 73%, correspondingly. These scores make it Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery worth considering if you save a lot of software files.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – How it Works?

Stellar Phoenix is quite efficient in recovering all the documents in our deleted files list test, which is even more remarkable compared with the usual of 86% across all of the related applications. Unluckily, it did not perform as well when recuperating documents from any reformatted drive. It recorded a recovery rate of 76% only; while the average was 84%.

In addition to, installation is too simple, and it only takes few minutes to do a scan going. The clear draft makes it so simple to navigate. However, it lacks a method to inevitably perform a deep scanning if the rapid scan mode fails. Additionally, it’s not simple to stop scans or to store the scan results to recuperate later.

This can be intensified by the detail that Stellar Phoenix recovery and scanning speeds are by far as the leisureliness on our line-up. While the speed of scanning has no correspondence to its accuracy, it must try with patience. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery allows anyone to run the entire program over the system so you can recuperate data from a computer very accurately.

It also works on various RAID systems. Freelance IT staff can obtain a technician variety. Stellar Phoenix website does not deal with tutorials or any community user forum, though it has related knowledgebase and informational articles. You can contact their technical support team via chat, phone, and email.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Review

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – It is a Scam or Not?

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software is a dominant recovery tool for data or file recovery. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software provides an extensive variety of accommodating features to allow anyone to pull your data back from an unreachable volume. Whether it is a music, videos, documents, photos, this software completes retrieval on different sort of data after adversities like accidental deletion, drive formatting, malware/virus attack, and other similar issues. It is because of the advanced techniques to test the entire hard drive for recoverable data and allows the user to recover them with easiness.

The recent version of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery derives with a striking recent user platform that is both simple and smart. Appropriately, it also explained preferences and thorough categorizations, which makes the date recovering an effortless one. Above, features like unchecking and checking data and files for retrieval using the space bar, ground-breaking filter options for data, eye-icon for showing information about a file and numerous viewing methods (List, Detail, Thumbnail) for scanning method, which makes the whole process faster and more user-friendly.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Review

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Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – The Pros and Cons


  • It recovered an incomparable number of lost and damaged images as well as, the documents in tests and an above-average retrieval rate for media files.
  • It recovers more creative file names compare with others.
  • It is very simple to use.


  • Unlike other hard disk recovery applications, it does not provide free updates.
  • The repairing capacities require the utility’s Platinum version.
  • It would even benefit from advanced filtering.
  • The license transmission is difficult.
  • It is ineffective for recuperating files using solid-state type of hard drives.

Verdict for Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

It is exceptional for recovering lost data or files. While it does not provide free updates, it has other valuable features that make it the best choice for most IT departments. The scan process and recovery speeds are combined with the incapability to stop a scan if you need to move away from the PC should be deliberated well if you are time-conscious, though. While it doesn’t offer the most refined tools for filtering recovery outcomes, Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery offers an accessible on-ramp to Mac file or data recovery.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Review


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