SpeedyPC Pro Review

SpeedyPC Pro Review

SpeedyPC Pro – An Exclusive Review

SpeedyPC Pro is one of the several applications introduced into the PC world, which claims to speed-up the performance of your computer system by simply eliminating any unnecessary files. It is quite useful to clean-up the computer’s registry, eliminate unused icons, and speed-up the start-up’s processor.

As time goes and on, you will observe that eventually your computer does not operate as fast as it used to be. Though the hard drive stores data with a limited space, the computer is basically operating all of those files simultaneously. Therefore, an increase of data saved on your hard drive reduces the computer’s general performance.

What is SpeedyPC Pro?

SpeedyPC Pro is the created product made by ParetoLogic, a corporation that was established since 2004 by four different states British, Canada, Columbia, and Victoria. The outfit initially charged itself with generating customer-friendly program that would speed-up and enhance PCs, and it has mostly thrived in with such venture over the last 8 years.

The corporation lies in close vicinity to Microsoft’s Redmond site, and it tallies itself as one of the program’s giant’s gold-certified free software vendors. In fact, SpeedyPC Pro service is impeccable for some users of Windows 7 and any other Microsoft systems that need a clean-up process their registry and increase system performance.

SpeedyPC Pro Review

Basic Features of SpeedyPC Pro

SpeedyPC Pro produced by ParetoLogic is considered as one of the top new names in spyware and virus for computer. Here are some of the main features: SpeedyPC Pro focused in cleaning up the cause of these speed related concerns. Here are some best features from ParetoLogic’s amazing new product.

There is no uncertainty that this program tool is both dominant and convenient to use. The 200 errors stated through the primary scan were the combination of omitted DLL files, unwanted start-up files, any unused temporary internet files. It also reduces some confidential information enclosed with privacy files on your computer.

By allowing and managing your computer resources more efficiently with SpeedyPC Pro, it has the capability to speed-up the computer to boot-up several times. It is also helpful Malware device that protects any damaging files, increase software and applications, reduces freeze-ups, and more.

How SpeedyPC Pro Improves the Computer’s Performance?

SpeedyPC Pro displays a complete report of all recognized issues possibly affecting the general performance and speed of your computer. In order to get the outmost performance using SpeedyPC Pro, you need to take advantage of all its inbuilt PC optimisation devices. Here are the following:

BHO Manager: This device allows you to manage and view all the internet browser add-ons connected on your computer. While some BHOs offer valuable and additional functionality to the Microsoft Internet Explorer, some system of malware have also been created as a BHO. In fact, restricting unwanted browser can be helpful to overall system stability and performance.

Defrag Tool: This device allows you to defrag the disk to increase the overall speed and response time of your PC. The tool conducts a study of your selected disk volume. Once the need for a disk defragmentation is identified during the analysis period, the tool encourages you to do a defragmentation.

Process Manager: This device provides you the capability to review all the steps involve operating on your system. Accept the fact that there are too processes’ operating in the background at any time that resulting in perceptible reduction in applications, programs as well as, the PC speed.

Start-up Manager: When your computer takes too long to start-up, it is most likely the outcome of several software and applications, which are trying to load during the computer start-up procedure. The start-up manager device in SpeedyPC Pro allows you to limit the number of stuffs that load at start-up by reducing several unwanted software and programs.

SpeedyPC Pro Review

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SpeedyPC Pro – The Pros and Cons


  • It enhances and cleans the windows registry.
  • It totally cleans up the clutter and junk files.
  • It increases the computer start-up time.
  • It boosts the overall performance of the system.
  • It clean-up the privacy files found on your computer.
  • It is compatible with Windows 8.
  • It detects and eliminates 98% of test spyware connected on the computer.
  • It kills viruses and Trojans.
  • It is an easy-to-use interface.
  • It restores function available if you accidentally eliminate an essential system file.


  • It doesn’t include any driver update tool.

SpeedyPC Pro – The Final Verdict

The suitability of retrieving and utilizing all these performance improving tools from one central position is considered as a smart move. After a systematic evaluation of this software, I have found out that to acquire the outmost performance of the SpeedyPC Pro has need to offer, end-users need to go beyond the primary automatic “fix-and-scan-all” and take advantage the 5 different tool sets included in the software.

SpeedyPC Pro Review


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