ParetoLogic Privacy Controls Review

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls Review

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls – A Full Review

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls is simple-to-use privacy program that keeps any of your personal data by enduringly deleting files and data enclosing delicate information. The scanning machine searches for private info in a number of mutual areas and performs so quickly.

While the software is missing some advanced devices that only the top-rated privacy program in our assessment feature, it efficiently cleans your internet browser and Windows of personal data.

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls – The Details

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls is the software that is described as robust and elastic, permitting you to choose which areas of the computer are to swipe and scan. While doing the scanning, the computer for probable privacy risks can be time-consuming, as well. It confirms that your privacy is up-to-date and safe. Rather than doing the scan first, you can use the Options tab, which presents different parts of your internet browsers, Windows, and applications where you can delete data from.

You can perceive a fast preview of each data as it is perused and then choose which ones need to choose. The program has a combined scheduler, so you can have an exact date and time for the software to perform a manual scan or generate a routine schedule. This history wiper looks for possibly dangerous and conceded files, including hints of various internet activities and other subtle data. It identifies and wipes private passwords, user’s information, and the credit card details.

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls – How it Works Effectively?

Files can be enduringly removed by simply overwriting the hard disk up to 7 times using the file shredder, which outdoes the U.S. government ideals. This method breaks apart your data into pieces as well as, overwrites the data through algorithms. While files simply erased from your computer can still retrieve, files tattered with ParetoLogic.

This privacy wiper thoroughly cleanses your computer’s internet browser and Windows, but it does not erase data from transferable media. It usually works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera browsers. This software erases data from the internet browser’s address bar history, particular cookies, from internet history, transitory internet files, downloads and Index.dat files.

Erasing this data shields your personal information, including your passwords and emails, and hides your browsing habits. ParetoLogic Privacy Controls also erases data from Windows so outsiders will not access erased files or lately visited folders. It wipes your computer’s recycling bin, temporary files, run history, recent files list, SWAP file, computer history.

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls Review

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls – Is it a Legitimate or Not?

In protecting your Windows and internet browsers, ParetoLogic makes your personal communications more secure using an instant messenger or email cleaning options. This software removes the history of your communications in a number of 3rd party applications, including MSN, ICQ, AOL, Google, Yahoo, Windows Live, and Skype.

It can also wipe several peer-to-peer data downloading applications, video players, and toolbars. When we established how efficiently ParetoLogic Privacy Controls erases tracks left behind from the computer activity, we found that this software left behind data about the internet browsing files and session produced on Windows.

However, the hints were very nominal and did not totally reveal what we were doing on the PC. ParetoLogic Privacy Controls always comes with entrenched help files and other online support. In addition to, you can acquire an online manual and look for directions on how to use its confidentiality tools.

The official website hosts an informational blog, technical support email addresses, and support articles. In fact, ParetoLogic support team characteristically reacted to customer’s requests from 1-2 days. Through a well-listed phone number, email is the only way to interact with the software’s support team.

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls Review

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ParetoLogic Privacy Controls – Pros and Cons


  • This software can eliminate files from several browsers, instant messengers, and email services.
  • ParetoLogic Privacy Controls assist anyone to locate and recover a diversity of data types, including the deleted emails.
  • The software even operates or scans the erased files on peripheral or any storage devices, like USB’s and other external hard drives, confirming the most dominant data recovery device is at your fingertips especially when you want it most.


  • ParetoLogic Privacy Controls does not actually erase data from any transferable media.

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls – Final Verdict

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls are very simple to use, as it advanced tools methodically wipe your hard drive as well as, the internet browser to levels that usually surpasses the U.S. government ideals. This program serves as a best option especially for those that need upper levels of security both offline and online.

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls eliminates sensitive information that could deceive your privacy. This privacy programs function with a number of plugins and browsers so you can systematically erase data from your PC and shield your online privacy. In fact, it is the best option that deserves a full consideration.

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls Review


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