MediaWidget Review

MediaWidget Review

MediaWidget – A Complete Review

MediaWidget is one of the indispensable compliments to your digital media experience. Just like with other significant security software for your PC. iTunes or other media cataloging program help you to view, transform, and establish your digital media. MediaWidget usually taking over where the iTunes leaves off, accumulating the additional back-up, and other security features.

The Important Key Values of MediaWidget

Backup: You can do the backup on your files on your computer effectively. Using the MediaWidget, you can have a simple way of saving a copy of all the needed contents on your iPod, like your favorite audio and video files. It is quite easy for most beginners and you don’t have to direct through iTunes in order to backup your media.

Copy, delete and move files from your iPod: The restrictions of both iTunes and iPod get the flexibility to copy any files where MediaWidget permits anyone to transfer video and audio files easily onto your iPod. Finally, there is an easy way to yield files away from your iPod using the MediaWidget software.

Restore and recover: You can remember how many hours you want to spend to protect your iPod. With MediaWidget recovery feature, you can rapidly take your iPod back to its original pattern if in case the crash will happen. MediaWidget will test your iPod database to classify the damaged or valid files.

MediaWidget iPod Transfer Features

It can backup iPod to PC – where you can copy your iPod movies, music video, and pictures to PC for backup to share with your friends. From PC to iPod – it copies music, music videos, movies, and pictures from PC into iPod. There is no need to eliminate the original iPhone/iPod files, the way it wants.

From Rip iPod to iTunes – It can easily move files from iPod and iPhone into iTunes for backup purposes. Just manage several iPhone and iPods concurrently – Just link them by dragging-and-dropping, then transfer the files among them at easiest manner. Up to 26 iPods, it can also support 1 iPhone at the same time, move files from 1 device to another.

All iPod types supported – All iPod kinds including the iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod shuffle, and iPod touch are quite supported using this iPod software. While managing iPhone as hard disk – it is easy to manage the iPhone as by simply using iPhone on the Windows Explorer to take advantage of it.

Easily recognizing iPhone/iPod – All the needed information about the iPod, such as iPod photo, nature, volume, serial number, version number, format, will be evidently shown on the main platform. Install the iPod Rip on iPod – using this accessible iPod backup software connected on your iPod.

MediaWidget Review

Why Choose MediaWidget?

MediaWidget is also known with space namely as Media Widget. It is useful for iPod transfer software program. Using MediaWidget, a user can move videos and music from their iPhone or iPod, and set them on their PC, into iTunes or onto another iPhone and iPod. These two can only be synced to 1 computer at a time, without any exceptions.

If you want to link your iPod or iPhone and to another computer, it will wipe out all the videos and music, this is why the MediaWidget shines. It’s one of the easiest ways to use iPod to a computer to transfer data available out there and this will work out for you. In such way, it can save all the videos and music.

In addition to, if you have not already visited the home page of the website, you can have an actual setup and will see a fast video demo so you can see this software in action. As you can read this MediaWidget review, we highly recommend this software and simply give it a try to move the data from an iPod or iPhone to a computer.

MediaWidget Review

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MediaWidget – Pros and Cons


  • It has a spontaneous interface.
  • It has the capability to copy all the needed content inside the iPod.
  • It works with all different models of iPhone and iPod.


  • You may have encountered several issues with the missing components.

MediaWidget – Final Verdict

Whether the PC broke or crashed, or was taken – or if you simply bought the latest computer model, or you want to share your iPod content with your close friend – MediaWidget can assists. MediaWidget is accessible to use with iPod and transfer utility designed to facilitate you to take the iPod contents off of any iPod and support back into iTunes.

Additionally, this permits you to share your iPod videos, music, and photos. MediaWidget is the fastest manner to move all of your music, podcasts, videos, photos, and more from your iPod to a computer. With MediaWidget, you will love device even more and your iPod will become your best friend too!

MediaWidget Review


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