FileCure Review

FileCure Review

FileCure Review – A Detailed Review

ParetoLogic’s FileCure is an application that scans the registry on your Microsoft Windows operating system and describes you closely for which programs you’ll require to open the various files on your computer. Each document has its own extension, which requires such type of program to open the file. In some instances, the extension refers to the detailed software required to get the information enclosed in the file. Instead of searching up each extension, ParetoLogic FileCure is suitable to anyone who finds out everything you require in just couple of minutes.

All About FileCure

FileCure is a creative system utility established by ParetoLogic Inc. to help several users to keep files with unidentified extensions. The software will allow you to scan your PC for files with unidentified or unusual extensions that do not acquainted with any standard software installed on your computer.

Every feature provided by ParetoLogic FileCure is considerable. After performing a complete registry scan, this application will convey you which of those extensions on your computer are presently supported by connected applications. If a specific extension lacks a recommended application, you are directed to a website where you can transfer a suitable piece of software.

You can also utilize ParetoLogic FileCure to regulate any type of file associations. If a specific form of media file is connected with Windows Media Player and you’d rather it be associated with Media Player, a perfect example is the ParetoLogic FileCure that provide several changes for you in couple of seconds.

FileCure Review

How Efficient is FileCure?

Several reviews online for FileCure corroborate this application to be extremely operative. Not only that, it gives solution to any correct broken file extensions, but most computers were also noted to have proficient and a perceptible boost in productivity. In short, FileCure executed precisely as endorsed.

Though there are some basic steps that the end-users can try to correct file issues without utilizing this program, these steps are typically ineffective. In short, it is quite efficient to simply utilize the FileCure program from the very beginning. The installation procedure is totally smooth, and the program itself is very manageable.

Not only that, end-users find a perfect solutions from this application, and it also have various benefits of how spontaneous the program is. Unlike some other similar pieces of program, you will not require to spend a lot of time for hunting down broken files for the software to fix. As an alternative, it runs on its own with very slight user’s input.

Why Need to Buy FileCure?

Most individuals wait for there to be a perceptible issue before buying an application solution. In the case of this software, yet, it is a good indication to invest in this particular valuable software ahead of time. Not only that, it is effectively guaranteed that anyone discover it as an easy-to-use and effective, but also always have a solution on hand for broken file extensions.

FileCure Review

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FileCure – The Pros and Cons


  • FileCure provides end-users a few strong advantages that make it a useful purchase for some users. For most beginners, you can select to analyse every file extension stored on your computer with single files at your accessibility.
  • Also, if you don’t already have an application that has the capability for opening a specific file extension in fact, it can also demonstrate anyone on how to quickly download it, as well.


  • ParetoLogic’s FileCure is an exceptional at implementing the job it sets out to do. In such job, though, can also usually be done for free using a systematic “Search” engine.
  • Though it is more useful and intensely faster to perform a computerized scan of a specific file or even of the computer registry, you can still save your money, and look for the data yourself if you want.

FileCure – The Final Verdict

At any given period, there are exactly series of different file extensions saved on your computer. Finding out which of those extensions matches with an exact program can be tough and time-consuming, as well. As an alternative, FileCure is amazing for saying you exactly what software you must to open a specific type of file.

Thanks to FileCure’s various features that both help you to supervise your file extension associations and prepare you to anything that might attempt to modify the settings on your PC. FileCure is well-rounded software that end-users will adore. Most of the computer users with high-level experience and will possibly find the details the software has to offer.

For the best outcomes, be sure to arrange the monitoring structure available in ParetoLogic FileCure. Adware, spyware, and viruses are some of a few of the several things that can try to get an alert from FileCure and that could possibly warn you about serious issues that is going on with your PC.

FileCure Review


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